The fishing in my country is awesome. On a good day, under the right conditions, it is possible to catch 50 fish. Our rivers can boast fish from 8 to 36 inches, with the average being 18 to 22 inches. We have little streams that you can catch a lot of fish or selective spring creeks that you can sight fish huge brown trout.
We fish over 30 different spots. Lakes, lagoons, rivers, streams, fjords and spring creeks.
We particularly like to sight fish for big trout with a dry fly, and you can do that a lot on the waters we guide. But we also like tying and using special streamers and nymphs, depending on the conditions.

During the visit of the Monardez family, we had a nice warm weather that allowed us to do some filming. This is the result of that trip. All the edition, film and music was made by  Juan Eduardo Lange.

Eduardo Valenzuela with a tight loop on a secret spot…

We have a big numbers of waters to offer Petrohue, Maullin, Rahue, Negro, Todos los Santos for name few… Come fly fish with us and discover Patagonia by Blacktrout Outfitters, a new way to see the Fly Fish..