Almost at the edge of the world is a paradise called Chile, it’s a country of diversity. Also it’s considered the most economically stable country of South America and the safest by international standards.

The north of Chile has the world’s driest desert, the Atacama Desert and  it has an incredible mountain range called the Andes.

The central valleys of our country produce one of the finest and prestigious wines from South America. The southern part of the country has the most precious treasure to us fishermen: Trout in large quantities and many of them giants.

Throughout my life, I was lucky enough to visit the most beautiful fishing spots in my country, beginning in the Araucanía region, famous for the fierce “Mapuches”, meaning people of the land, by continuing to the lake region, known for its volcanoes, its fish market known as “Angelmo”, passing through the area and ending in Coyhaique

Because we are located in Coyhaique, where the largest number of fishing spots and diverse environments are, we happily indulge our fly fishing passion.