Getting here is really easy with a wide choice of convenient, daily flights from Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, and New York. Most flights are direct, departing the States in the afternoon or early evening and arriving early the next morning in Arturo Merino Airport in  Santiago, the Capitol of Chile. Airlines that fly to Chile that I recomend are LAN and American.

When making your airline accommodations for fish with us, ask that you arrive Puerto Montt in the early afternoon. On departing Puerto Montt , please book a flight back to Santiago in the afternoon to allow plenty of time for transfer from Ralun Town. Normaly the last morning we use for do a sightseen around Puerto Varas.

Arriving Chile is simple. The flight are almost always on time, the new ulta-modern airport is clean, and the entire experience from clearing immigrations and customs to connection with domestic flights is very smooth. Airfares from the U.S. to Santiago vary widely, with tickets from New York, Miami and Los Angeles ranging from $900 to $1,200 round trip. Usually the best fares can be had by flying LAN, the national airline of Chile. LAN is one of the largest air carriers servicing South America. Their modern, new air fleet has a superb record for reliability, safety and on time departures and arrivals.